• Upload the rough mix of your song for a free mixing quote.
  • Upload a finished mix for mastering or a free mix appraisal. 
  • You can use this upload also to transfer stem tracks for mixing.


Remember to email me details of your upload at info@londonmixingstudio.co.uk


How long does it take to mix-master?

One week max ten days turnaround. If you need it quicker than that just let me know. I will meet your deadline.

Are revisions included in the price?

Yes. That makes it all much easier. I send you the track and you can listen in the comfort of your own environment, on your own playback system. Because you know your system very well, you know immediately if you like the track and if you need to change anything to suit your taste better, without worrying about extra costs.

Can you explain your mixing rates?

Mixing a pop single title and an instrumental jazz track are two very different things, even if they have the same number of stem tracks. The rates above are an approximate price guide. Request an exact quote at info@londonmixingstudio.co.uk

What are stems for mixing?

A stem is a track containing one instrument. In order to do the mix we need one for every instrument in the song.

What about music production rates?

Every production is very much different. Depending on music genre and complexity of the track, the amount of time dedicated to a track can vary a lot. There is also a different in price between using computer samples and real musicians. I also work with different arrangers/producers that ask different prices. Depending on your budget we can find a solution together.

How do I book?

Contact me with your details and upload your files. I will send you a Paypal invoice to book your mixing/mastering. You can pay the invoice online. You do not need a Paypal account to pay.