Mixing (price per song - mixing revisions included)

Stems per song up to 16: £100 - £250
Stems per song 16 to 30: £200 - £450
Stems per song 30 to 45: £300 - £500
Stems per song 45 to 90: £400 - £600+
Depending on complexity of the song, number of stem tracks and music genre, the price for mixing can vary a lot. Contact  me or upload your song for my best quote. 


Contact me with your details and upload your files.
I will send you a Paypal invoice for your booking.
You do not need a Paypal account to pay.
There is no VAT to add to our prices.

Mastering (CD, vinyl & digital releases)

£40 per track 

Included: mastering revisions, files, DDP image and DDP player software.
See FAQS about DDP image.
Upload your tracks for online mastering or for a free mix appraisal.

Music production

Every production is different, get in touch for a detailed quote

Vocal recording

£40 per  hour 
£35 per hour if you book more than one hour

mixing tuitions

£80 per  hour
Tailor made one-to-one production/mixing lessons.