About my mixing

I love music. The reason why I do this job is to help musicians release their work to a high standard. I value and respect your taste and suggestions and my goal is to deliver the mix you want. Mixing revisions are included in the price we agree, you can ask for changes at no extra cost and get the mix you desire for your tracks.

Mixing quote

Crafting your mix

My mixes sound like commercial releases. You can feel when the mix is right, all the elements of the song come together brilliantly. I use both analogue and digital equipment and my many years of experience to get the best out of your recordings.


I have a website dedicated entirely to mastering alone.
For samples, videos and info about my mastering process go to
London Mastering Studio - online mastering


Production of singles, EPs and albums

Production can be done entirely on computer or using top quality session musicians.  Each musicians I work with have their own recording facilities, this help to keep sensible prices while having top quality recordings and performances for your tracks. I work with different arrangers and producers, we can compose music for any genre. If you are a songwriter and need an arrangement for your songs, we can record the vocal tracks here at my studio.

Soundtracks and advertising

I also compose music for: jingles for advertising; soundtracks for film, documentaries, TV shows; music for games; music for corporate events; background music for stores; on-hold music.  
I have composed and produced hundreds of tracks for advertising, some have been used by major brands like Disney, Gucci, EA, Aperol, Faber for their TV and online campaigns.