About my mixing

I want the mix to sound as close as possible to the finished product. If you listen to your mix and you think “we will fix it in the mastering” it means your mix is not ready. When the mix is properly done, mastering becomes a much better investment, giving you the best result. My mixing gets the best out of your recording.

Crafting your mix

I value and respect your taste and suggestions and my goal is to deliver the mix you want. That is the main reason why musicians like to work with me. Mixing revisions are included in the price agreed. No extra costs.

Mixing lessons

I offer production/mixing lessons. Learn the secrets of a professional sounding mix. With just few hours of lessons, your productions will step up to a new level.
Get in touch -  info@londonmixingstudio.co.uk  

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Combining digital and analogue mastering

Digital gives us transparency and flexibility and analogue adds that warmth and punch musicians are always looking for. I take advantage of the best of both worlds, combining them together to get the best out of any mix.

What is going to be improved

Stereo image, frequency balance, dynamic, loudness, noise/digital errors, warmth, clarity, impact. Mastering is also the process used to create an album with an homogenous sound.

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Delivering a great performance

You are looking for a relaxed and quiet environment to deliver your best performance. When you work with me you talk to a professional singer who has been where you are, not just to a sound engineer. I understand the time you need to prepare, when you need to rest, when you need to be left alone and when you need help. I understand what you are going through when you are in front of a microphone.

Recording equipment and post production

The recording is all analogue, no plugins. Valve microphones, valve preamplifiers and compressors through high-end analogue console. Editing and vocal tuning is all carried out with professional software.
Note: tuning is done by ear, manually, no auto-tune.


Setting up your studio

The first step towards a great music production career is to set up your studio properly. I have years of experience with studio gear, computers, software and studio set ups. I can help you to maximise your investment and get the best out of your budget.

Mixing/production tuitions

People come to me for mixing/production lessons after they have finished their music tech courses at university. Within the first four hours of tuitions with me they always say the same two things: "I have learnt more in a few hours with you than in four years of courses" and "Why didn't anybody tell me these things in my course?"
If you feel like your mixing is not up to standard, get in contact.

Marketing your music

Making great music is just the first step. After that you need the mental ability to turn pure fun into business. I can help you with that, giving you a series of suggestion that will put you on the right path to success.